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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How to Beneficial CFD Analysis?

CFD stands for computational fluid dynamics. CFD Analysis Services is the methodology in which, various computational algorithms and equations are being solved in order to determine and optimize the fluid flow in the different engineering processes. CFD Analysis is provided different services in a cost effective and high resolution manner of engineering.

With the advancement in the computer aided technology, now the CFD analysis procedure is being implemented in a plethora of engineering applications.

Benefits of CFD Analysis Services:

  • Results obtained are of high resolution in the time and space domains.
  • Analysis of the actual flow is being possible using the digitization techniques.
  • Analysis can be performed for any type of engineering problems related to fluid flow.
  • Any variation of fluid flow can be examined such as compressible and incompressible fluid flows, steady and unsteady flows, laminar and turbulent flows, lastly the single phase and multiphase flows.
CFD Analysis Services has been a prominent technique in simulating the real process flows in a cost-effective manner. With the help of the computational fluid dynamics, it is being possible to check the fluid parameters both theoretically and experimentally.

All the fluids consisting of the gases and liquids obey the partial differential equations while they flow in the various engineering processes.

The partial differential equations in turn are based on the fundamental principles of conservation of mass, energy and momentum. CFD analysis solely aims at solving those partial differential equations using the digital techniques.

In CFD Analysis, the fluid flow is generally divided into discrete components by using the digital techniques and a grid is formed. This particular process is known as discrimination and it is used to convert the differential equations into the algebraic forms so that it can easily be solved using the computer programs.

The algebraic equations are solved using the iterative solution methodology. Three types of iterations are undertaken namely the outer iterations, inner iterations and the convergence criteria.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

CFD Flow Modeling - Solve Real World Problems of Engineering Industries

CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. The CFD flow modeling services are an advanced technique, by the help of which; it is being possible to measure and evaluate the various aspects such as velocity, temperature, species concentration and pressure of the fluid flow. Thereby, it helps in building an optimized design prior to the prototype phase of the project.

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In CFD modeling process, the non-linear stokes equations that govern the fluid flow are numerically solved, using various advanced software such as FLUENT; on high speed computers. The basic principle of CFD modeling is that the simulated flow region is divided into small cells within each of which, the flow is either kept constant or varies smoothly.

The various application areas of the CFD Flow Modeling services are as follows:

  • Wind loading on structures during hurricanes.
  • Dispersion of cloud containers in a two phase mixture of dense gas and droplets from accidental chemical releases.
  • Re-entrainment of toxic releases from building vents. 
  • Ventilation of train exhausts in tunnels.
  • Recirculation of mechanical draft cooling tower exhausts.
  • Dispersion of pollutants within industrial complexes. 
  • Evaluation of design parameters of the green buildings.
In the CFD flow modeling services, the momentum, mass balance and heat equations along with various other models, which describe the equipment performance, are taken as input and various information’s such as temperature profile, equipment size and velocity profile etc, are extracted as output.

A wide range of industries including the aerodynamics industry, chemical industry, combustion processes industry, oil and gas industries, transportation industries, wind energy developers and waste water treatment agencies are availing the CFD modeling services. Architects and constructional engineers are also making use of CFD analysis in their projects.

The advantages of CFD Flow Modeling Services are as follows:

  • It is possible to overcome the traditional restrictions in flow analysis.
  • The fluid flow problems are visualized and solved with utmost accuracy.
  • This is an advanced application for both single and multi-phase flows.
  • It becomes easier to investigate some of the difficult to measure variables of the fluid flow.
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Enhancements For Molding Design Development

Molding Design Development is use for the better prospects in sector of Molding design and innovation and to develop vast range of software packages are being developed. It use the existing software packages which being worked upon to produce more efficient results.

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Molding Design and Innovation enhancements are:
  • An updated user interface which has additional features and make the process of molding design more convenient. It also provides an easy and faster access to tutorials and user group discussion forums
  • Sketching enhancement which subsequently helps in establishing geometric relationships more easily. It also influences all sorts of geometric elements of design and has the ability to dynamically trim the entities by dragging
  • New free form modeling capabilities with the help of tools like flex and its options bend, twist, taper and stretch
  • New commands like Moldflowxpress which let user examine how easily the molten plastic would flow in the mold. It significantly reduce design iterations and hence time consumed is reduced as well Hence the aforementioned enhancements pave a better path for Molding design and innovation. However, it must be noted that any sort of innovation in one process of molding design must not limit the other processes of molding. The innovation should be equally helpful for all crucial molding processes.
The Impacts of Customer Productivity are:
  • Protection of Lining Material
  • No Out of Round or Warped Closures
  • 0-33% Improvement of Warehouse Utilization
  • Up to 40% Volume Freight Cost Reduction
Adequate research on the regular molding processes is also in process so as to explore effective methods of molding design.

However, it’s truly challenging in this domain to keep on innovating while the company is supposed to simultaneously cater the daily needs of customers.

Despite of all the obstacles, software are like solidworks which being developed to fortifies the foundation for Molding Design Services and innovation.

Such software packages are developed on the same basic outline on which most of the software packages in the domain of molding design are made. But by including numerous enhancements, their performance index is increased and hence the quality of overall results is improved too.

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