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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How to Beneficial CFD Analysis?

CFD stands for computational fluid dynamics. CFD Analysis Services is the methodology in which, various computational algorithms and equations are being solved in order to determine and optimize the fluid flow in the different engineering processes. CFD Analysis is provided different services in a cost effective and high resolution manner of engineering.

With the advancement in the computer aided technology, now the CFD analysis procedure is being implemented in a plethora of engineering applications.

Benefits of CFD Analysis Services:

  • Results obtained are of high resolution in the time and space domains.
  • Analysis of the actual flow is being possible using the digitization techniques.
  • Analysis can be performed for any type of engineering problems related to fluid flow.
  • Any variation of fluid flow can be examined such as compressible and incompressible fluid flows, steady and unsteady flows, laminar and turbulent flows, lastly the single phase and multiphase flows.
CFD Analysis Services has been a prominent technique in simulating the real process flows in a cost-effective manner. With the help of the computational fluid dynamics, it is being possible to check the fluid parameters both theoretically and experimentally.

All the fluids consisting of the gases and liquids obey the partial differential equations while they flow in the various engineering processes.

The partial differential equations in turn are based on the fundamental principles of conservation of mass, energy and momentum. CFD analysis solely aims at solving those partial differential equations using the digital techniques.

In CFD Analysis, the fluid flow is generally divided into discrete components by using the digital techniques and a grid is formed. This particular process is known as discrimination and it is used to convert the differential equations into the algebraic forms so that it can easily be solved using the computer programs.

The algebraic equations are solved using the iterative solution methodology. Three types of iterations are undertaken namely the outer iterations, inner iterations and the convergence criteria.

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